I have a big dream. I want to help people around the world suffering with pain of a body. Promoting researches, I think it will be possible.

I have researched pain for more 20 years. So,
(1) We can visualize the origin of pain,
(2) We can quantity the pain,
(3) And we can pursue "Zero-pain."

And surprisingly, it is possible by only taping.

1965 Melzack and Wall was proposed the "Gate control theory"
Pain is disappeared, because information transition speed to the brain is different.
The speed of Ab-fibler(tactile pressure) is faster than C / Ag-fibler(pain transition).

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Looking ahead:
To help people suffering from pain,
and pursuit of zero pain phenomenon.

Are you a therapist with
any of the following concerns?

Sometimes you find it difficult to relieve your patients' pain... You use therapeutic techniques to reduce tension, but their pain just won't go away. Even if the pain lessens or improves temporarily, they come back to your clinic in pain again. You tell them plainly that you can't treat the root causes of their chronic pain...but you hate to see them suffering. You want to help them somehow.

You'd like to distinguish your clinic from the other clinics out there, but you aren't sure how... Lately more rival clinics have opened in your area and competition is fierce. Each clinic offers the same cookie-cutter therapeutic techniques, so patients end up choosing a clinic based on the convenience of its location. You'd like to expand the range of procedures you offer and make your clinic the most advanced one around...

Quantifying pain

Quantifying pain

We have developed a method to analyze the level of pain through our original research. Once we have quantified the pain we can provide the optimum treatment based on the extent of the pain.

Mapping the sources of pain

Mapping the sources of pain

Pain can be relieved by easing the tension in each spot where pain is occurring. First, you must identify the areas where the pain is located. We map the patient's pain in precise detail using specialized tools.

Successfully developing unique treatment tools

Successfully developing unique treatment tools

Our treatments make use of tools rather than manual techniques. We have even been able to apply for patents because the treatment methods we practice are based on accurate principles and reliable techniques. We offer genuine treatment methods to reduce pain to almost nothing.

Patented treatment

We have acquired a patent for our adhesive skin patches, which do not just relieve pain, but also increase healing power.
If you are struggling to deal with symptoms such as osteoarthritis of the knee, rheumatic knee pain, sports injuries, accidental joint damage, etc., these adhesive skin patches will come in handy.

A message from the Clinic Director

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to share what we have learned over more than 20 years of research about the mechanisms of pain as well as revolutionary treatments we have developed based on these theories with as many therapists and practitioners as possible in our seminars. Everything we do is intended to help our patients become free from pain! We look forward to your participation.

The New Physiotherapy to Treat Chronic Pain on Muscles using bumpy patches The New Physiotherapy to Treat Chronic Pain on Muscles using bumpy patches


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